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Reimagine The World

More than just a beautiful book of visionary photographs, Similarity can serve as a guidebook for self-development, a manual for breaking the bonds of dualism and maya, a medicine for the mind, and a pristine projection mirror for finding your true authentic Self — using your own meditative powers to transform your perspective. 

Cultivated from over 55,000 photographs made in nine countries, Similarity represents a carefully curated collection of 48 mindful images derived from hundreds of experiments in the magical art of digital image processing. 

Previously available only as a set of open edition A3-size fine art prints, Similarity, A Photographic Contemplation has now been published in this engaging, interactive book. This gorgeous collection makes a great gift for friends and colleagues.

Here Now There Then
Here Now There Then
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

Similarity contains 24 black & white photographs and 24 color photographs, presented in pairs.

Journey to the Brick-Winged Owl Bat
Journey to the Brick-Winged Owl Bat
Hanover, NH, United States
Hanover, NH, United States

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Casebound hardback fine art book, 8.5" x 8.5", 68 pages, with 24 black & white images and 24 color images, printed on beautiful matte paper. 
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What People Are Saying

"It's mesmerizing..."

"So striking!"

"Almost like a puzzle..."

"Really wonderful."

"This is fantastic!"

"I love the organic textures."

"Might induce brain-melt?"

"I love this!"

"Suggests viewers examine how they engage with reality..."


"Simply stunning!"

"An opportunity to re-examine the filters we use to process the world."

"Incredibly imaginative."

"A wonderful frisson between the real and the imagined."

"It’s funny, charming!"

"Induces beautiful reverie…"

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